What to Expect

The most important thing to me is to showcase you – joyful, playful, wistful, sentimental – whatever that may be in that moment with the people you love, as viewed through my lens.

My style can be more posed, but I prefer the majority of my photos be less formal and more true to your personality, bottling up small moments and intimate details during our short time together.

At our session, my goal is to capture you at your best and put you at ease. There is no test to pass – no perfect pose or look to achieve. Our time should focus on the pureness of that moment, whatever it may be.

Children will run and be wild. Babies may soil their clothing. Your job is to relax and play and let it all unfold. Mine is one of guide and documenter. Likely, it won’t be what your mind may see as “picture perfect.” But this is the imperfect perfection that thrills me as an artist.

Taking photos gives me the warm fuzzies!  My hope is that my photos do that for you, too.

So let’s take some photos and make some memories!