A rainy-day outing and 2016 goals – San Lorenzo Valley and Santa Cruz documentary photographer

I have never been one to make resolutions. I don’t follow through with them and feel guilty about it. Ultimately, it adds negativity to my life, not positive change. But GOALS. Passion. Plans that are general and smaller ones that are more specific that also have a loose deadline. These are things that work for me and drive me to work harder, to grow, and to generally be a better person.

So my broad goal for the foreseeable future is to document our everyday life. I did this so much when my son was brand new. And then we became busy as we made friends and ventured out more and I started my business. And I hardly pick up my camera anymore unless someone is paying me to do it.

I don’t like that feeling.

So I have been capturing the smaller moments where my husband is reading my son a story. Or when we are playing a board game. And earlier this week I took my camera out between rain storms, photographing my son as he enjoyed the pools and mini-ponds and streams the rain provided in our neighborhood.


The first few puddles we found were pretty large. There were plentiful opportunities for my son to run, jump, and generally get soaking wet.



He dumped his boots out several times during our short outing.


There were times he was nearly wading in the water, but mostly the roads sloped enough that it ran in streams, pooling in a handful of spots.

This kind of play brings my son so much joy. He is happiest when he is outdoors. I have been more of a hermit lately, transitioning from fall into winter. It felt like we had warmth one day and cold the next and that was it for transition time. And the much-needed rain is lovely but is also keeping us inside.

So another intention for myself is to get out more. It may be late in the day. It may only be a walk in our neighborhood. But I need to be out in nature, too. This fall saw me spending so much of my time on the computer editing photos. And while I love what I do, I absolutely will be a better person and a better photographer if I get out and explore and take care in keeping my body healthy.


Our walk slowed, and I observed so many birds chirping and calling. The raindrops were still falling off the branches and needles of some trees, flowing through gutters, making a muted symphony of pings and plops.


As we came back around to our street, my son discovered a small worm on the ground. He immediately grabbed it up, as 3-year-olds are wont to do. I love to see what he sees and finds interest in. I am a person of details, and I see that in him, too. These are the moments that show me how we are alike, and sometimes how we are different.


Through photographing our days, I am preserving these times — times where my son is still so small, times that show how he has grown, times that bring us joy. And these are times where I am learning and observing and often seeing things anew. It feels very fitting a task as we ease into this new year.

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