August in Davenport family portraiture session – Santa Cruz family photographer

Santa Cruz family photographer
Davenport’s tall cliffs, sprawling trees, and expansive ocean view made for a lovely setting for this family portraiture session.

This sweet family met me along the cliffs in Davenport for a traditional coastal foggy-morning family session. It was a little chilly, since the fog had not even begun to burn off for the day and we were high atop the cliffside, but it was only a nip of a chill, just enough for the smallest family member to need a little extra warmth from a blanket.

Little miss M, only 8 months old, has cardiomyopathy, which means her heart is overworked. In order to gain weight, she has a feeding tube through her nose. She is a fighter and a symbol of hope and strength. She wasn’t too keen on smiling for me, and the crashing sounds of the ocean waves were also a good distraction, but when Mommy nuzzled her she became alight.

Preschooler D wanted to run and climb. I would have loved to see how high he could get up into the cypress trees that form a small grove and reach out both wide and tall, perfect for easy climbing and swinging. Instead, he chose a sturdy stump that had been graffitied in lavender and black. He liked mighty and proud sitting at the top.

As you can see, it also took a lot of tickling to get D to smile. He was too ready to head off to a birthday party. Hey, I would be, too!

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